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Q1: Which city are we based in? 

A: London
B: Brighton
C: Manchester

We're based in Manchester but our clients are from all over the World. Manchester is a vibrant city and a home to a lot of unique brands, creatives, and artists. If you're not scared of the rain, you should 100% visit the city.


Q2: How big is our team?

Banz in the studio with our hoodies

A: 2 People

B: 11 People
C: 45 People

Well, technically we did hire a couple of people to help us with the marketing. But apart from that, the entire brand is managed between the two of us.

My name is Lee. I started the brand about two years ago. Banz joined me about a year ago. We knew each other for a while before then. We're both passionate about premium quality fashion. Banz is a fashion photographer. I'm an athlete and work in sales. We're both fathers, down to earth, and our mission with Arlo is to simply create clothing that we want to wear. 

Q3: What are we crazy about?

A: New drops every season
B: Premium quality
C: Keeping up with the latest trends

Have you ever experienced this before? You find a brand, order something, the quality is great and you're impressed with everything. You come back a few months later, order something, and this time the quality has dropped and it's just not the same experience. 

A lot of brands sacrifice quality as they grow. 

Our promise to you is that our quality will never drop. As we grow, we'll stick to what we're passionate about: giving you luxury clothing and a luxury experience at a fair price. 

Our bestselling caps

Q4: What is the inspiration behind our brand?

A: Neutrality & Nature
B: Streetwear trends
C: Sports & American culture

I spent the 2000's in the USA. I was a college athlete. Arlo Huxley, to an extent, reflects the nostalgia and the joys of spending my early 20's immersed in the American culture. 

The people that connect with our brand are similar to us. Yes, some are PRO athletes or business owners. But we see people that are passionate, that are social, that are cool. 

Now you know more about us! We're always happy to chat and answer any of your questions. Just reach out to us on Insta or via email. 

Thanks for your support! 👊 

Lee & Banz


How can you support us? 🤔 

Ordering from us is one way.

But sharing us on social media and with your friends, engaging with our content and emails, and letting us know your feedback and thoughts are just as important and appreciated.